My Top 20

Updates to come 🙂

The List as it updates:

(Please share your lists with me too!)

1. Challenge myself on a hiking/camping excursion (National State Park??)

Sequoia National Park!

Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

2. Rock Climb/Boulder in Arizona

3. Meditate in Bali – Maybe even live there for a few months! ❤

4. Create a life changing outreach ran by family and friends spreading POSITIVITY and putting an end of self negligence!

Set to launch officially October 2013

In process ❤

5. Finish a painting.

6. Write a book. (The Novel Inside of Me)

In process ❤

7. Delve into photography.

8. Go into medicine or counseling (I’m looking into Holistic Health to help people naturally like myself who have a pre-existing condition (i,e, Cancer) or HBP)

In process ❤

9. Take the most random road trip (Cross Country!)

10. Get 2 new stamps on my passaporte!  (Visit the Philippines & see my family)

11. Purchase a home. (@ the end of the year I will test for my real estate lisence)

12. Learn a new sport. (SURFING! Good thing my boyfriend teaches lessons!)

13. Take a random class.

14. Become a mentor.

15. Fall in love (with the “one”) ❤ and allow myself to just FALL irrevocably in love.

I met the man who speaks my language. ❤

16. Have a LARGE food fight at random!

17. Sing a karaoke song in front of a crowd & dance along!

18. Swim with stingrays/sharks (I am TERRIFIED of them!)

19. Make a documentary.

20. Reflect on my greatest weakness & realize how it’s my greatest strength.


One thought on “My Top 20

  1. I’m down for any of this with you. I think this is a great list that is very Nevaeh–positive, fun, and completely capable of changing lives–especially your own in a positive and wonderful way.

    P.S. Get to work! Quit posting blogs. 😉

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