My Purpose

Lovely to meet you! My name is Nevaeh Marie! 🙂

Founder of MOTIVATEme.


Life Coach

Positive Warrior

Social Scientist

I believe that everything happens in life for a reason. Every moment. Every situation. Every person. Every relationship. Every job. Every broken heart. Every sadness. Every single moment…has shaped who we are today.

I believe in growth.

I believe in realism.

I believe in a world, that is not conformed by what societies standards are, but rather a world of individuals uniting to be free. A world in whose people are challenging the social norms. A world in which people are chasing with inspirational passion after their dreams.  A world in which social change is occurring…with positivity as its main backbone.

I believe in positivity.

I believe in inspiring.

I believe in a world full of love…full of hope…full of friendship and bliss. This world I know doesn’t exist fully today…but there is a group of us, who are focused on educating the negative mindset. We are tired of seeing kids being bullied. We are tired of watching cliques live out high school cliche’s of making fun of one another and degrading each other. We are rising up and making the choices to educate and to create unity.

I believe in the life I am living today…the life of love…the life of passion for positive social change.

My name is Nevaeh Marie….and I am seeking other pioneers who are hell bent to see this world change.

As I stated…I don’t do normal. Normal to me…is conformity.

A lil blurb and testimonials 🙂

I am a social scientist who uses my research and gift of intuition to help people unveil their true passions and create the plan including the necessary habits to make them come to life.

My research: I study how we download info, and how we can re-download better info- aka Habit Training. I study society, specifically in how we learn and adopt new techniques for our lives both negative and positive.

I believe that perspectives are the driving force for C…H…A…N…G…E.

“Nevaeh Marie can read a person within 10 minutes. She read me by a few questions, and nailed it head on. I was in disbelief. Call it a premonition, I call it a calling and a gift. I chose Nevaeh because she works for a purpose, that purpose is so genuine the moment you meet her. She doesn’t waste your time, and she makes it clear not to waste hers. She knows her craft. She’ll read you and give you homework daily. She’ll question your habits only to have YOU question them. She’ll always provide you with tools, that probably was one of the best surprises I experienced working with her. You never feel alone in this state of change, whether you are making a big career jump or in a relationship.” – D Barnes, Barnes Enterprises, NY NY

“Look no further if you are interested in a dynamic woman with 10+ years of business sense, 4 businesses under her belt she built and sold, and not to mention equipped with a keen sense of society and intuition. She is NOT the typical life or business coach. The first 10 minutes were a series of questions. I thoroughly loved how she was more concerned with everything about me. She asked about my schedule and to walk her through my days, and she took notes feverishly. After 10 minutes or so, she asked me “what are you waiting for, you have x amount of time here, x amount of time there, you have the knowledge, the resources, the know how to do anything you want. What are you waiting for?” You know what it was? I didn’t know what I wanted to do, just that I had to do something. She helped me by giving me ideas. She actually generated ideas on the spot WITH me, based on my background, my likes, my needs, and found the perfect match. I now work with Ashoka Change Makers, and I am in the middle of writing my first book on social change. Plain and simple, she’s kick ass.” – S. Goyden, Ashoka Team

I’m happy to provide more per request, and a few of my clients are happy to talk to you personally. 🙂 Just ask!


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